Sunday, January 6, 2013

Looking Forward

There's a lot coming up on the horizon! We scheduled Lucy's c-section date for January 18th. In 12 days, my baby girl will be here, and life as I know it is going to CHANGE. I'm so excited, but also incredibly intimidated. I've settled into a nice routine of having E here for a portion of the week, and then enjoying quiet couple time with the Champ the rest of the time. I've had flexibility in the last couple of years to work later hours on nights when E was at his dad's. I could work out when I wanted to, nap when I wanted to, shop when I wanted to. That's all about to change.

My world is about to revolve around late night feedings, packing diaper bags, and figuring out a whole new little person. I'm attempting new things this time around. I'm planning to commit to breastfeeding, which scares the hell out of me. It didn't go well with E, and I know each baby is different, but I'm expecting it to be HARD. For something to be so natural, it's one of the most unnatural experiences I've ever had.

Also, this time around, I'm planning to cloth diaper. As I write this I have 4 waterproof covers being shipped from an eBay seller, 18 prefold infant diapers coming from a Chinese cotton prefold distributor, and 12 Sunbaby cloth diapers coming from China. I've done A LOT of reading about cloth diapering at this point, and many friends have testified that, while it's overwhelming to read about, it's actually really simple to pull off. It should save us a good chunk of money, and it makes me feel a little "crunchy." In addition to friends who are supportive of the concept, I have a couple of friends that highly doubt this to be a positive experience. If anything, that only motivates me to succeed more.

We are also on week 2 of healthy eating. We prepped some more juicing veggies today, boiled more eggs, washed more grapes, cooked some carrots and mushrooms, made a healthy chicken tortilla soup, and I plan to make a chicken salad loaded with veggies along with lean burgers and sweet potatoes for tonight. The healthy eating worked last week. I managed to hold my same weight even after all of my Christmas eating, so I have faith that if we continue planning and prepping ahead of time, my baby weight will come off.

At any rate, in 12 days, I'll be losing a good chunk of it! Countdown is ON!

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